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Pregnancy Back Brace - Back Pain Relief

Eliminate Lower Back Discomfort

Around 80% of pregnant women report back discomfort during their pregnancy. The main causes of gestational lower back pain are increased uterine weight, increased spine curvature, hormonal and vascular changes and finally, a shift in their center of gravity. Gestational back pain can also be felt in the months following the delivery.

Designed With Your Comfort in Mind

BabyBrace® is designed to provide bi-modal orthotic support for gestational use. The rigid, padded front and back panels complement the main brace for post-natal use, offering greater support to adjust the spine’s curvature. BabyBrace's® adjustability and custom design afford maximum comfort to the wearer while offering incredible support.


BabyBrace offers bi-modal orthotic support where you need it most. Protect your spine’s curvature and eliminate back pain comfortably.

Eliminate Back Pain

Lower back pain is extremely common among pregnant women. You don’t have to live in discomfort. Call us today to find out more information on BabyBrace® and getting a prescription.