Physician Information

Pregnancy Back Brace - Back Pain Relief

Physician Information

BabyBrace® is designed to fit the contours of the body, comfortably resting on the back and abdomen. BabyBrace® is designed to provide bi-modal orthotic support. The main brace is intended for gestational use and offers support across the T9-sacroiliac junction cord span. The main brace and panels are intended for post-natal use, offering great support to the spine’s curvature.

*The front panel on the BabyBrace® is not designed to be used on a healing C-section wound. The prescriber will always advise on appropriate patient specific brace uses Including panel use.*

BabyBrace offers bi-modal orthotic support where you need it most. Protect your spine’s curvature and eliminate back pain comfortably.

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Fitting Information

The BabyBrace® is designed to fit comfortably, with several adjustable settings to give you optimal levels of support and comfort. Below is a fitting video explaining the sizing and fitting process.

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For more information on our product and fitting information, simply call our office. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about BabyBrace®.